Charles County Dive Rescue
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  • CCDR has an administrative structure like other departments. Administrative officers include:
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
  • CCDR's Board of Directors is composed of:
    • The four officers above
    • The Operations Chief
    • Three (3) members at large

Mike Comm


  • The CCDR operations branch is structured like other departments. Operational Officers include:
  • CCDR follows the county Incident Command System
  • Our officer in charge answers to the Incident Commander (Fire Chief or Police Officer) on any call.
  • Once in the water CCDR officers control our diving operations.
  • The Dive Control Board - In accordance with the NASAR Public Safety Diving Guidelines, our diving program is overseen by a Dive Control Board. The board is composed of the six operational officers. The duties include:
    • Developing all Standard Operating Procedures.
    • Overseeing and applying a skill level rating system.
    • Assure all divers are in compliance with team standards.
    • Set the quarterly drill schedules.
    • Maintain team training records.
    • Review all matters related to diving, including mishaps.
    • Authority to suspend any diving operation deemed unsafe.
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