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Side Scan SonarCharles County Dive Rescue

In early 2005 our team decided to invest in a new Side Scan SONAR unit. After a extensive research and a thorough market search we decided to go with a MARINE SONIC, Inc. - Centurion "Splash Proof" system.

We took delivery of our 600 kHz system on May 29, 2005. Less then 2 weeks later we were called to use it for a drowning. To date we have used the system to locate and recover many victims. At the request of Maryland DNR, we have run mutual aid to many other Maryland counties including Calvert, St. Mary's, Prince Georges, Anne Arundel, Dorcester, and Hartford. We have also assisted authorities in Virgina and Pennsylvania to locate and recover drowning victims.

The images below are from the actual scans. The have not been enhanced and appear largely as they did real-time. To protect the identity and dignity of the victims, as well as the loved ones they left behind, no details will be included regarding the circumstances, date, or locations of these calls. Click on each thumbnail to bring up a larger image.

The victim is located in the upper right. Note the marks on the bottom. These were created buy drag lines first arriving units used in attempts to locate the victim.

This is a right side only scan. The victim can be seen in the middle on the scan.

The victim is on the upper right. The interference is from wave action.

This is a zoom from a different scan on the same call.

This technology has tremendously improved our ability and effectiveness in large area searches. Often times we have very little information to work with to establish a 'last seen point' for a target or victim. Often times now these difficult searches are now little more then bounce dive for the divers to make a recovery.

Additional imagery will be added soon

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